Angel Wings Curved Volume Tweezers. Designed by a champion-lashmaker for champions! Hand tested and adjusted by Hanna herself with video proof of double-testing for mega volume. Short (12 mm) and light by weight. Fall-protection, they have a hole to connect to a bracelet. Each pair has serial No. and separately filmed for perfect grip (AWtest channel on Youtube). Spotless grip! No need to look for a sweet spot. Stainless steel- Non magnetic (non static). Here is the link to Angel Wings Youtube Channel where Hanna tests each and every tweezer and assigns its unique sku number. All the AW volume tweezers are tested for all techniques (roll/scrape/pinch etc) except the wiggle-method: AW Tweezers Testing Channel on Youtube.

Angel Wings Curved Volume Tweezers


    Located near Major Mackenzie Dr. & Islington Ave. in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada.

    Call/Text: 343-300-3980


    Monday to Saturday by appointment only, daytime and evening appointments available.

    Sunday + Holidays: CLOSED​​​

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