Angel Wings Champion Adhesive is your ultimate lashing-best friend, and here are it's specs:Colour: Black or ClearCuring Speed: 0.5-1 secGood for: both Classic and VolumeConsistency: Thin/LiquidRecommended humidity: 40-65%Recommended temp: 23-26 Degrees CelsiusFumes: minimumVolume: 5mlStrength/Bonding Power: 50 daysShelf life: in the fridge - 16 month from the day of production, 2-3 months once opened.Unique characteristics: Oil and water resistant, Latex free, formaldehyde free, carbon free in transparent version, good for sensitive clients, not tested on animals*Follows the general requirements for adhesives in North America and Europe*Designed for professional use only Distributor Discounts:-Buy 3 or more and receive 10% off - checkout code "3AWitems"-Buy 5 or more and receive 25% off - checkout code “5AWitems”-Buy 10 or more and receive 40% off - checkout code “10AWitems”

Angel Wings Pro Champion Adhesive, 5ml

Color: Black

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